WAMH Programs


Where Art Meets Heart (WAMH) Theatre

This program focuses on educating the youth about the performing arts. Children participate in acting, singing, and dancing instruction that incorporates applicable life skills such as conflict resolution, team work, and discipline. The program aims to build self confidence and allow for self expression and exploration.

Another cool aspect of our program is that it includes learning the craft of set building and costume creating/designing. Students are able to learn how to create and build sets as well as design and create their own costumes!

Date: June 11-July 27, 2018 M-F (Except 7/4)

Group I: Ages 6-11 9am-1pm

Group II: Ages 12-15 1:30pm-5:30pm

Youth Hires: Ages 16-20

¤Costs: Reg.Fee: $15 Program: FREE

“Students’ creativity is put to task with guidance and instruction.”

Where Art Meets Heart (WAMH)TAP!

This program focuses on the discipline of tap dance sprinkled with a whole lot of fun!! WAMH TAP! program is perfect for the youth, teaching discipline, self-expression, and self-confidence through the medium of dance. This program is an ongoing program that begins this summer.

Date: Every Saturday beginning June 9, 2018

Ages 5-7 9:30am-10am

Ages 8-12 10am-10:45am

Ages 13-18 11am-12pm

¤Costs: Quarterly Reg. Fee: $45

Program: FREE