cropped-artmeetsheart6.pngMISSION STATEMENT

WhereArtMeetsHeart© is a Not-For-Profit 501(c)3 organization that seeks to build and enrich the lives of the community, including those most underprivileged, while advocating, strengthening and building character through the arts.



cropped-artmeetsheart6.pngVISION STATEMENT

Organizational Goals and Objectives
1. Provide quality vocal, drama and dance instruction
2. Provide the community with a structured expressive outlet
3. Cultivate writing gifts and/or talent
4. Strengthening artistic cultural awareness within the community
5. Sponsor, host and/or participate in events and activities that promote and
encourage cultural advancement and enrichment.


cropped-artmeetsheart6.pngOrganizational Background

WAMH began in 2016 as an opportunity to share the performing arts with those who
may not have been able to have access to such education. It is our belief that the arts
save lives! Through love, care and determination, we strive to uphold this belief by
continuing to spread the love of the arts.


cropped-artmeetsheart6.png Program Description

Where Art Meets Heart (WAMH) is a program that focuses on educating the youth
about the performing arts, including acting, singing, and dancing as well as applicable
life skills such as conflict resolution, working as team, and discipline. The program also
aims to build self confidence and allow for self expression and exploration.
A typical day at WAMH includes vocal instruction, history of performing arts, theater
exercises i.e. improvisational scenarios, and musical theater themed choreography.
Our program focuses heavily on musical theater. The group exercises incorporated
throughout the program helps students learn to work together in order to accomplish
set goals.
Another facet of our program includes set building and costume creating/designing.
Students are able to learn how to create and build sets as well as design and create
their own costumes. Students creativity is put to task with guidance and instruction.